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Prose and Ponderings of a willful beast
16 November 2015 @ 03:21 am
Prose and Ponderings of a willful beast
26 July 2006 @ 06:17 pm
It would seem that Pukecan/Khidar/Sunil/Naiyah or whatever the hell it is calling itself these days has struck again. I honestly hoped that what he did to me was just something he decided to do to me and not a pattern with him but it seems that after he nearly cost me my marriage (yes, I did have a lot to do with it. I admit I asked him to come stay with me when he talked of visiting America but somehow I am still not certain of after all this time, he enraptured me and convinced my husband to let him stay with us for nearly 2 years. )and stole over $6000 total from me in stolen cash, not paying any rent or bills and goods he purchased using my credit card, he found himself someone else to destroy. For the purposes of this posting, we shall call him/hir Naiyah as that is the name on his/hir LJ

I have been asked to share my experiences with Naiyah so that maybe it will give others pause before allowing him/her/it to come into their lives. I personally feel that Naiyah is a sociopath and compulsive liar. He/she is incredibly smart and increasingly dangerous. Naiyah, I learned from past experience, has no remorse towards anyone or anything he chooses to destroy or use.

I first met Naiyah on mIRC on the Gorean chat channels on Austnet. A friend of mine "threw" me at his feet and I became his online Gorean slave. We became very close and shared many secrets. At least I know I told him truths. He told me that he had been abused as a young boy by a Nanny and his parents had sent him off to military school in England because of it. He also told me he spent time in India doing studies. I have since learned this was all false and in fact, through proof from his own Mother, it was learned that naiyah went to school in Melbourne and nowhere else. He claimed to have a degree in English literature when I met him and was supposed to be finishing up a degree in Psychology while living with me in Texas and Australia. I do know he spoke with Joan about this but he never finished it or even started it as he claimed he did. He even went so far as to call himself a Psychologist and claimed to work at a mental health home dispensing medicines. I honestly cannot tell you if he did work there or not but he did show me a residence he claimed was where he was working. I also know he was claiming to be a Psychologist on online forums we both belonged to and on personal letterhead he created when corresponding with people from the O.T.O in Texas and Australia.

Naiyah is very good at making people believe anything he/she tells them. Naiyah is incredibly articulate and well read and is able to weave believable stories that will capture a person and make them want to give Naiyah just about anything he/she wants. Often, Naiyah would tell me she had to go away on business trips for the company he/she worked for when in fact, he was spending the time at his mother's home. Naiyah even once claimed he/she was in South Africa calling me and claimed it was the same time there as it was in Melbourne. That is not so. I checked. Also, he made up a false plane ticket to "prove" to me he had gone. It doesn't take much effort to check for the flight number he gave me. There was no such flight. We also checked with where he claimed to work as a software developer for a leading company in Melbourne and found out he was nothing more than a help desk clerk. He claimed he made quite a bit of money in salary and later Joan(his mother) told us she was giving him money and it was hurting him.

I fell in love with Naiyah. I couldn't seem to help myself. My husband and I were not on wonderful terms but even he seemed to be under a certain spell where Naiyah was concerned. My children at the time, adored him. Naiyah even went so far as to get us tickets to Cirque du Soleil (VIP seats) and tickets to Wrestlemania for my husband and son (front row) How he did this, I don't know and I can only pray it did not come out of my bank account but I never saw evidence of it at that time. He did take money from my account to help pay for an anniversary trip he "planned" for my husband and I to Phillipe Island. We discovered the money missing after the fact. My husband and I were furious and realized something had to be done to rid ourselves of this menace. At this time, he had lived with approximately 14 months.
Soon after, we discovered that Naiyah had taken our Visa card and purchased a tripod at a local camera store. He/she even signed my husband's name to the receipt and the store clerk did not ask for ID. We were told to file a police report against Naiyah which we did. We confronted Naiyah at that time and told him/her to get out of our home and that we were going to the police. He/she begged us for forgiveness and offered to pay us double what the tripod was worth if we did not pursue the issue. Unfortunately, we agreed. He paid us and moved out.

The end began when I was cleaning our home in Hopper's Crossing and I came upon a large book lying on the floor with some of Naiyah's belongings. I wanted to pick them up off the floor to vacuum and so I grabbed up the book. I was curious as to what the story was because I knew Naiyah read many interesting things so I opened the first page and discovered it was his writing in the book. It was a large diary. I knew I should put it down and began to do so until my daughter's name caught my eye. Naiyah had written that on more than one occasion, he had sexual fantasies about my then twelve year old daughter kneeling before him giving him oral sex. To say I was livid is an understatement.

I called my husband home and showed him the text. Naiyah never denied it. I told him/her that he/she would never be around my children again. Again, I was given profuse apologies and told that any man would fantasize about my gorgeous daughter. Again, reluctantly, I forgave him. I realized soon after that Naiyah had a way of making people do as he/she wanted. I always felt as if I was enthralled by him and when he/she was around me, I realize now, I was usually ill. My husband and I often wondered later on if Naiyah was not giving me things to make me ill so he could play the nursemaid and be the "hero" I thought he/she was.

My husband came down with glandular fever and Naiyah knew that we were leaving for America that following week. He graciously offered to take me out for the weekend so David could rest and I would not get the illness. While I was packing, Naiyah stole my credit card and he/she used it at the Mall to withdraw the funds we used that weekend to buy me almost anything I wanted. It was over $350. I had an odd feeling about it so I called David and told him to cancel the card and check for any withdrawls and there were several. Again, we confronted Naiyah and she denied it so we went to the police and told them, showing them the bank statement and telling them of when and where I saw Naiyah making a withdrawl. He/she had conveniently told me to wait in my favorite shop while he/she went to get money. Later, when we said we had been to the police, Naiyah claimed /he/she only did it in an attempt to keep me from leaving Australia because he/she loved me.

He/she allowed us to stay with her in Baronia for a few weeks when our trip had been delayed due to paperwork. He/she claimed he had bought the house from his/her mother and was fixing it up for a quick sell. I was convinced of it. He/she was even painting the rooms and had put in new tile in the bathroom. It has come to my attention he never owned that house at all. Go figure. We were getting a repatriation loan from the US Embassy (Naiyah was telling everyone he/she could that we had been deported. I can prove we weren't and in fact got the emergency loan due to the fact my father was ill with neck cancer)and had to give them more paperwork proving we needed to go home. I had two cats that he/she had bought for me when we first arrived in Melbourne. They were Max and Cleo and I could not take them back to the states with me due to the costs of having to quarantine them for three weeks. Naiyah swore to me they would stay with him/her and be loved. I later found out he gave them away.

In looking back, I realize I was a total fool and I want to kick myself for allowing this demon into my heart and into my family's lives. He hurt me and mine terribly with his constant scheming and bullshit. I watched him/her tear apart his/her own mother until she would crumble and do whatever he/she wanted her to. He/she would feel nothing in doing this to her. He/she felt nothing when he/she used me.

I need it to be known that Naiyah and I were lovers and I know for a FACT he was ALL male when we were together. Now I grant you, he did have larger breasts than most men have but Naiyah was also always overweight. The fact that Naiyah now claims to have a vagina and a menstrual cycle is complete bullshit. Naiyah also claims that his mother paid for me to go to Uni while I was in Australia. This too is a total fabrication. I attended the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for my University studies and unfortunately, I never finished my degree. Proof of this can also be provided. Also, his mother claims she "lent" my family her frequent flyer points to fly my family from California to Australia. She told me it was a gift, but whatever. I would gladly pay her back what she spent on the day that Naiyah repays me for all the times he/she stole from my family or abused our trust or lied straight to our faces. The pain and suffering we went through because of Naiyah is far more costly than a few hundred Australian dollars!

Naiyah may read this and will post nasty things about me and mine in retaliation and that is fine. I am prepared for it. I know what is the truth. I have facts and proof to back up my words. Naiyah has nothing.
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Prose and Ponderings of a willful beast
12 May 2005 @ 01:52 pm
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